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To use this converter first go to appropriate section by clicking a tab, then fill out a field of a measure you want to convert from and press <Tab> after  or click somewhere outside the field. The result of calculation will appear in other fields.

This site requires a browser with JavaScript support. Site's functionality was tested under Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 and higher and Netscape Navigator 4.5.

All calculations are limited to three digits after a decimal point. Please be aware of rounding errors. If you need more precise calculation refer to equation list or other sites:

This on-line conversion utility was designed by Andrei Medvedev. You are free to use it for any personal or business purposes. You are welcome to make links to this page, but please do not copy the contents of any page in this folder to another site. If you wish to do so please contact me first. The material at this site will be updated time to time.

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Modified on 01/22/2000

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